May 2009

Sunday was a much warmer morning, with overcast skies. The significant lack of other people on the river made for a very enjoyable morning for the two folks we took fishing.

Even though fishing was slower, we still managed to find fish for each person, by exploring several different holes.


We also had a special treat of seeing a moose crossing the river, not far from us.


100_4611100_4591We had another great day of King Salmon fishing, on one of our favorite local rivers. Everyone fishing caught at least one King Salmon, and even though it was a very cold, clear morning, we all felt satisfied with our day’s adventure.




100_4527Currently, we are fishing for King Salmon, in the area rivers and on the Homer Spit. King fishing really started to pick up on Wednesday, May 27th. We had a wonderful family from Hawaii out for an early morning adventure, on one of our local rivers.  Some nice Kings were caught, with the biggest one at 22 lbs.. Later, my newest assistant, Fukutaro Hiraki, (who this week arrived from California, driving up the Alcan Highway), landed his very first King Salmon! He was so happy, that he did a little celebration dance right next to the river. It was a good day of fishing.

crossing the river to get to a hot spot

crossing the river to get to a hot spot

Fukutaro Hiraki catches his first King Salmon!

Fukutaro Hiraki catches his first King Salmon!