fishing guide

We had our best King Salmon day yet on our favorite local stream.



What a gift today was!




“It has been a week since I came to Alaska. I love fishing and ended up being an assistant guide for Silverfin Guide Service. Fishing has been a part of my life since I was kid, and June 1, 2009 was probably my best fishing day of my life. I caught 3 King Salmon at different rivers and kept 1 that day. When I hooked a King Salmon, I got an incredible adrenalin rush! No words can explain fighting a King Salmon, as it’s somewhat like fighting a combination of a Bat Ray and Striped Bass, I guess. It was a very exciting, precious and unforgettable day for me. I had a great, fun time with Gary, Kei, and Mark. Thanks to Gary for teaching me how to catch a King Salmon, and I appreciate Lynne for her wonderful food and hospitality. ” ~Fukutaro Hiraki