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We had our best King Salmon day yet on our favorite local stream.



What a gift today was!



Getting up at 2 in the morning sounded horrible, but our guests were
rewarded when they came to the river, and saw the beautiful scenery there. As
we hiked through the woods towards the river, we were welcomed by the birds chirping and the pleasing sound of the wind blowing
gently through the branches.100_4977[1]
It didn’t take long for one of our guests to hook a nice King Salmon.
His father proudly took many photos, and shared the excitement of fighting the
strong salmon that took them down to the next bend, where it was finally landed.

After our guests had finished their trip, the Silverfin boys went
back to the water to enjoy fishing on their own.



When it looked like fishing was very slow, Keisuke managed to land his biggest king ever – a 33 pounder that measured 42 inches long! It was worth sacrificing
nap time, especially when you knew that the king salmon were there.

What a beautiful fish, Keisuke!


Kings started to show up at Nick Dudiak Fishing Lagoon. The Silverfin boys had a great time catching bright and feisty King Salmon on 8 weight fly rods, which are the same setups used for salmon fishing on the rivers.

Gary lands a King at the Nick Dudiak Fishing Lagoon.

Gary lands a King at the Nick Dudiak Fishing Lagoon.


The Silverfin boys, Fukutaro and Keisuke

The Silverfin boys, Fukutaro and Keisuke