There’s a problem. Getting up early. Ugh. Getting to the rivers to catch the treasured Silver Salmon is an early rising ordeal. But, ah, the disturbance in sleep is well worth the while, as the secret to catching is often in being in the right place, with your line in the water, at first light. There’s the calmness at the river’s edge….the sound of the rushing waters…the chill of the fresh Alaskan air….the anticipation of a nibble at the end of your line…
We’ve been meeting folks these past few days, very early in morning , and then caravaning to the rivers, a mere 20-35 min. drive north of Homer.  Since it is now dark in the middle of the night, (unlike June, with the King Salmon fishing), we must wear headlamps to illuminate our hike  to the river.

Once on the rivers, as of late, the fishing action gets underway quite quickly. During the past couple of days, we’ve had many satisfied clients, with lots of exciting action on the end of their lines. A father and son, fishing together had a terrific time, as the son managed to land 2 fish before 4:30 AM! Later he caught 2 more in the same area, and his father played a couple, but didn’t succeed in getting them on shore.

Others in the same fishing  group enjoyed good action with the Silvers also. Each of them caught at least one in the same area of the stream.

Once the Silver Salmon stopped biting, we went to the upper stretches of another river for Dolly Varden trout fishing.

Hiking through the woods, and along the river’s edge was an adventure all itself. We happened upon some very recent bear tracks in the sand near the water. They were quite impressive in size and freshness, so we decided to be purposely noisey. Actually, we started singing loudly. Gary broke into a rendition of Frank Sinatra’s “Strangers in the Night”.  Humor is a great antidote for fear. Apparently, the bear didn’t appreciate good music. Actually, we’re sure that any bear in the area would have fled far away, from our noisy group.

 Very large Dolly Varden Trout were discovered in the river’s “secret hole”. Most were caught with bead eggs.
The wildflowers were an outstanding splash of color along our way.
We’re pleased to report a very successful outing….our guests couldn’t wipe the smiles off their faces.